Skateholms Camping!


Kind of accommodation Daily fee, SEK
Trailer, holiday home 650
Motorhome, Caravan 280
Motorhome, Caravan (access to electricity) 340
Tent spot Bike /MC (no access to electricity) 160
Access to electricity 60
LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) P11 360
LPG Pc10 340
LPG Pc5 250
LPG P6 260
Fee for electricity use (static camping) 3.40 SEK / kWh

NOTE: Your booking request is binding. Increased daily free during midsummer weekend. Only applies to non-static guests.
We reserve the right to price errors resulting from exchange rate changes, tax evasion or similar reasons.

Photos and text: © Mattias Onsdorff..  Photos are published according to the Creative Commons licence.