The campsite of Skateholm

Pictures from the campsite and surroundings

Pictures from the campsite and surroundings
THe front of Skateholms campsite.
The kiosk and service desk, reception.
The main road.
Tent thing set up inside the campsite.
Standing on a hillside looking at the campsite.
Outside the service building you will find a roofed area with kitchen sinks, tables and benches for resting or dining. You will also find areas for possible activities such as boule.
Service building, kitchen.
Inside the service building. Shower rooms and toilets. This photo is from the men's area.
Vacation, mobile homes.
From the inside a mobile home.
Resting area outside the service building.
Children's play area.
Mini golf courses.
The hiking trail right outside the camp area.
Enjoy the surroundings.
A close to nature atmosphere.
The waves roll in towards the beach.
The perfect spot for some fresh air.
Sand sculpture, dolphin, turtle, jellyfish.
A view to the east outside the camp area.
The route to the beach from the camp.
A sunny day at the beach.
A beach view from the closest jetty.
The closest bus stop Skateholm Brunnsbovägen is placed 300 approx meter east from the camp area.
Bus 190 to Trelleborg/Ystad.
Map of the camping area
Useful information for your stay with us
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Photos and text: © Mattias Onsdorff.  Photos publishes according to Creative Commons license.